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Please help us support Friendship Circle of Miami Beach and North Dade by making a contribution to our team and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance Friendship Circle of Miami Beach and North Dade's great cause!

Together, we can make a difference!


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1. ?Anonymous
Go Esther! So proud of you!! In memory of our beautiful Ruchuma Aliza Sarah Chana bas Moshe Halevi and Moshe Dovid ben Mordechai. May their Neshamas have an Aliyah.
2. MSMoshe Schwab
May Aliza memory be a blessing!! Way to go Esther, I'm so proud of you!!
3. ?Anonymous
In memory of Ruchama Aliza Sara Chana bas Moshe her neshama should have an Aliya! GO ESTHER!!
4. BlBella Lezell
In memory of rechama Aliza Sara chana bas Moshe and Moshe Dovid Ben mordechai May their neshamas hve an Aliya
5. YKYehuda Kaploun
In memory of adina golda bad Esther malka. And your daughter Aliza
6. CSCeleste Schreiner
I’m sure you will accomplish your goal. ❤️